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Established in 2015

The Lunch Box Ohio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recognized by the IRS

One of the best ways you can help The Lunch Box provide lunches and fight hunger is by providing a monetary gift. When you make a gift to The LunchBox, you’ll join us in our mission to fight childhood hunger and directly contribute to feeding the kids in our communities.

Our mission is to end childhood hunger by increasing access to fresh, local, and nutritious lunches in the summer months. 

Volunteers are essential to the success of the Lunch Box. Your hands-on contributions of time and energy help us get food where and when it’s needed most.  Please check back regularly for days and times when we will be distributing lunches.



In Ohio, 25.2% of children under eighteen years old live in households that experience limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods at some point during the year.  Of those children, only 10.4% participate in the summer meals programs available.  Six out of seven low-income kids who eat a free or reduced-price school lunch during the academic year do not get a free meal during the summer.  46 percent (or 840,000) of Ohio school age children are eligible to receive free or reduced priced school meals, but only about 1 in 10 eligible children in Ohio receive food through the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

Our Drive

We stopped and asked ourselves, why are only 10% of children in Ohio (who are eligible to receive food through SFSP) utilizing the summer food programs? We have come to the conclusion that it is about accessibility and transportation to such locations that provide the summer food programs.  Many of the children who use the free or reduced price lunches during the school year do not have the ability to access summer food programs because their parents or guardians do not have the knowledge or means or to access these programs.